Histamine Apocalypse:
Perseus Americanus

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About The CD

Histamine Apocalypse is an instrumental trio from San Francisco, California.

This CD is all about completely spontaneous jams, musical and visual cues, shared dynamic and stylistic vocabulary, and listening. No one knew where the songs were going until it happened... a wild ride for musician and listener alike.

Elliott Easterly (guitar) and Jamie Flournoy (bass guitar) had played together before, but Tim Arnold (drums) was just a guest for the jam, and the trio hit it off so well musically that they decided to publish the results of their improvisational chemistry. This album is the result.

The music sounds like something you might hear as an extended intro jam from a Jimi Hendrix show, or maybe a classic Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin concert.

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Audio Samples:

These are full-length, reduced quality samples of the tracks from the CD. Low bitrate samples are in 20Kbps MP3 format; medium bitrate samples are in 128Kbps MP3 format.

Track Song Title Full-song MP3 Samples
1 The Way The World Works Is Dumb Low Bitrate
2 Shibby Bloody Shibboleth Low Bitrate
3 The Judge, The Witch, And The Investigator Low Bitrate
4 Cosmological Redd Foxx Shift Low Bitrate Medium Bitrate
5 Dart Vs. IROC: The Antepenultimate Smackdown Low Bitrate
6 From Alexandria to Mahsinahhekahnikahmik Low Bitrate
7 Extemperaneous Analogies of Fuzzy Dice Low Bitrate

Music Sharing License

Creative Commons License All of these MP3 samples are free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.

Track four ("Cosmological Redd Foxx Shift") is free to share in any encoding, bit rate, etc. under the same license. So, if you buy the CD and want to rip and share track 4 as a 320Kbps AAC or a FLAC or whatever, go for it!

Where To Buy It

This CD is available now from CDBaby for $12.00.

This album is also available in digital form from the iTunes Store for $9.99.
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