About AntiTwee Records

AntiTwee Records is a tiny, musician-owned, independent label in San Francisco. Right now it's just Jamie Flournoy.

What does the name "AntiTwee Records" mean?

It's not intended as a rejection of Twee Pop as such. It simply means that the label focuses on music that isn't simply light and pleasant musical wallpaper. As the label motto says, you need the sour "because sweet tastes better mixed with sour."

To the extent that music fails to utilize this sort of dynamic contrast, it fails to acheieve any memorable effect on the listener, other than perhaps lulling the listener to sleep. Similarly, notice how even the heaviest, darkest music that has aesthetic value achieves this through the contrasting use of introductions, interludes, and classical timbres and motifs from time to time. A bowl of nothing but hot sauce is just as bad as a bowl full of nothing but white rice.


Contact Jamie Flournoy jamie@white-mountain.org.